Corns & Calluses

Corns and calluses are a build-up of hard dead skin. These usually develop in high pressure & weight bearing areas as a result of friction from high heels, ill-fitting shoes or biomechanical abnormalities.
If left untreated, a large corn may cause the tissue below it to breakdown or ulcerate. This can be a particular concern for people with diabetes or vascular complications.

A consultation with a Podiatrist will allow accurate diagnosis and debridement of the thick skin build-up, usually offering instant pain relief.
Unlike a Plantar Wart, which can be very similar in appearance, a corn is not a living lesion, it is impossible to ‘kill’ or ‘remove the root’.
While debridement of the callus offers relief from the symptoms, unless the underlying cause of the pressure or friction is addressed, the corn will usually return with time. However, with accurate identification of the cause, and the implementation of a few simple deflection strategies, more permanent relief from your painful corns can be surprisingly simple.
This is one of the most simple and common complaints that Podiatrists deal with daily.

“Skilful debridement of painful corns and removal of the central core can offer instant pain relief. The team at East Gosford Podiatry can then address the pressure problems causing the corn, resulting in a more permanent resolution.”

Andrew Martin, Podiatrist

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