Custom Orthotics Central Coast

Custom Orthotics Central Coast

East Gosford Podiatry specialises in custom-made orthotics for Central Coast residents

Do you suffer from foot or leg pain, corns or calluses or even lower back pain? Our custom orthotics Central Coast can help to alleviate some of the issues that arise when you need orthoses.

Here at East Gosford Podiatry, we have a team of highly skilled podiatrists with vast knowledge on treatment options that can help resolve your foot pain and correct biomechanical abnormalities with foot orthotics or orthoses. Orthotics are a common need amongst people of all ages to assist them in helping and preventing issues that can cause foot pain and strain. East Gosford Podiatry is very active in the Central Coast Community and surrounding suburbs including, Wyoming, Gosford, terrigal, Green point and Erina.  Orthotics or Orthoses are also referred to as “arch support”, and are an innersole worn within your shoes to alter position, function or forces in your foot and lower limb. 

The orthotics or foot orthoses often used by Podiatrists are usually a ‘foot bed’ or ‘innersole’ that is placed inside your shoe. For this orthotic to be perceived as helpful or ‘working,’ they need to change your foot position or force sufficiently for your injury and symptoms to improve, according to the goals that have been set. There are two main types of innersoles and orthotics available: off-the-shelf and custom-made. Custom-made devices are manufactured specifically for your feet and their needs by your podiatrist, allowing for a more specialised and effective treatment plan.

If you are based on the Central Coast and are in need of some support in resolving foot pain or some custom orthotics, East Gosford Podiatry is here to help. 

Custom Orthotics

Common Issues That Orthotics Help With

  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • Bunions
  • Corns and calluses
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Gait imbalances, such as overpronation
  • Flat feet, or fallen arches
  • High arches
  • Shin splints
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hallux rigidus, or stiff big toe
  • Limb deformities
  • Uneven foot or limb length
  • Foot Pain
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East Gosford Sport Podiatry Assessment

To see whether you need orthotics or if your orthotics need updatings, the podiatrist will perform a complete foot and ankle examination to properly identify the treatment you require. The experienced and qualified team at East Gosford Podiatry will capture the shape and contour of your foot with traditional plaster cast or a digital scan, as it is the most reliable method. While this is the most reliable and accurate method, we are constantly open to finding newer and better opportunities.

Custom Made Orthoses Central Coast 

East Gosford Podiatry works closely with a company in Sydney to manufacture the custom orthoses for you, and from our experience working with this company for 15 years, we guarantee their products quality and reliability. We only want the best for you and to find the most effective treatment option for your feet.

Orthoses Facilities on the Central Coast

East Gosford Podiatry offers the best services and is fully equipped to provide you with the help you need. We have our own Orthotic Laboratory in the Central Coast. Our experienced podiatrists utilise this room to recover, re-enforce or adjust orthoses if required to perfectly suit your foot needs. This also allows us to make any on the spot modifications to your orthoses should you need any alterations in the future, and cater to your specific needs.

custom orthotics central coast

Comprehensive Podiatry Services Central Coast

If you are located on the Central Coast & Surrounding Suburbs and are in need of some orthotics or orthoses, the team here at East Gosford Podiatry are here to offer our experience and professionalism to help. With our tried and tested methods and reliable products, we can effectively provide quality treatment to the Central Coast.

We Accept Patients from all over the Central Coast

If you are in East Gosford and surrounding suburbs and are in need of a Podiatry appointment due to lower limb or feet issues you may need orthotics. Please contact our clinic on (02) 4325 0600

Custom made orthotics servicing the Central Coast & surrounding Suburbs

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Green Point
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Avoca Beach

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