DVA Referral

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) funds all health services necessary to meet a clinical need for Gold Card holders.

For White Card holders, DVA will fund those services required for their accepted conditions.

Eligible Podiatry services can include diagnosis, routine maintenance, selected soft tissue or nail surgery, and physical therapy on your feet. Treatment may also include the prescription of medical grade footwear, footwear modifications and orthoses.

Do I need to pay for treatment?

No, your podiatrist will bill DVA directly for any care provided to you if the service is provided under DVA arrangements. This represents the full fee for the service provided.

What referral form do I need to see the Podiatrist as a DVA funded Patient?

You need a completed D904 referral form completed by your General Practitioner.

Can I choose to be treated as a Medicare or private patient?

Yes, you can choose to be treated as a Medicare or private patient. However, if you choose one of these options, DVA will not pay for any services that have been paid in part or full by Medicare, private health insurance or a third-party compensation benefit.


DVA General Enquiries

Phone: 1800 555 254

Email: [email protected]

DVA Website: www.dva.gov.au

(02) 4325 0600