Ingrown Toenail Surgery (PNA)

In cases where more conservative management of painful recurring ingrown toenails has failed to offer relief, a more permanent correction is available. This is often required when the width or excessively curved nature of the nail is thought to be a primary contributing factor.

This simple procedure is called a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA).

With local anaesthetic applied to the toe, a small portion of the nail is removed with the nail matrix cauterised to prevent regrowth. This offers a permanent solution to the painful ingrown nail without compromising the aesthetic look of the nail.

This minor procedure is performed in our consultation rooms at East Gosford Podiatry in a sterile surgical environment.

Assessment of your relevant medical history and foot health will allow us to advise whether this procedure is appropriate for you. We will also be able to discuss the procedure with you in greater detail, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

“Unfortunately, many people are simply put off by the term ‘surgery’. Where conservative, non-surgical management has had limited success on recurring ingrown nails, this simply procedure can be a real game changer. To be pain free, have better looking toenails, and to save money by not needing as frequent Podiatry visits, talk to a Podiatrist now and discuss your options.”

Andrew Martin, Podiatrist

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