Paediatrics/ Children’s Feet

Podiatrists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat medical conditions affecting the lower limbs of both adults and children. The anatomy and function of a child’s foot differs quite significantly to that of an adult. Subsequently, the potential medical conditions and complications are also notably different.

It is every parents desire to see their children grow and develop in a normal and pain-free way. However at different developmental stages, some concerning observations such as children walking on their toes (toe walking), with their feet turned in (in toeing), with their feet turned out (out toeing), or ‘fallen arches’ may be noted. Generally, these variations are quite normal, and most children will grow out of these with time. However, some may be early indications or risk factors for future foot complications.

Assessment by a Podiatrist will allow for early detection and will ensure your child receives any intervention or foot care they may require. At East Gosford Podiatry we can advise you regarding better footwear selection, sitting or sleeping positions, or particular activities that may be beneficial to your child. It will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, such as should I let my child walk and play without shoes on?

Check with a podiatrist if you are concerned about:

  • uneven shoe wear.
  • recurring pain in the feet or legs.
  • frequent tripping, falling and instability.
  • constant sitting down or early fatigue while playing.
  • a family history of foot complications.
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