What is a biomechanical Assessment?

What is a biomechanical Assessment?

What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

What is a biomechanical assessment? A biomechanical assessment is a detailed analysis of your foot and lower limb posture and function to diagnose pain or injury and to determine contributing factors to the injury. It allows our podiatrists to identify abnormalities, insufficiencies and how the body compensates for these irregularities. It involves the examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure and alignment as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Our podiatrists pay special attention to how the different muscles of the body are working and how one misaligned joint in the body can affect the position and function of another joint.

what are biomechanical assessments

What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

An assessment is necessary to assess the way the quality and range of movement of joints. This is to assess muscle strength and flexibility and to assess the way that you walk, paying particular attention to the way the foot contacts the ground. A biomechanical assessment is suitable for anyone that is having symptoms such as lower back, knee, hip, calf, ankle, or foot pain and you have not established a cause of this pain. This assessment is the first step in understanding what the cause of the problem is and what can be done to treat it or if our podiatrists need to send you to see other health professionals.

What happens after a Biomechanical Assessment?

After analysing your movements and posture during your assessment our podiatrists will use the information that they have learnt to come up with a treatment plan. All of our treatment plans are completely individual and will vary depending on each person’s requirements.

What is the aim of a Biomechanical Assessment?

The aim of a biomechanical assessment is to first diagnose the cause of your pain or discomfort and then devise the treatment plan to improve the function of your lower limb and foot by reducing the painful symptoms that you have been experiencing.

Potential treatment options

Our podiatrists will devise a treatment plan following your biomechanical assessment which may involve:

  • Orthoses to improve foot function and redistribute pressure away from painful structures
  • A stretching programme to increase range of movement and reduce muscle tightness
  • A strengthening programme to strengthen weak muscles
  • Padding and strapping to cushion or support your feet or ankles
  • Review of the footwear that you are using.

Benefits of a Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment is the starting point that will help us establish a cause for your lower limb pain and discomfort. This assessment can help to provide an accurate diagnosis. Other benefits following a biomechanical assessment include:

  • Reduction in pain
  • Improvement in function of your foot or leg
  • Improved gait
  • Improved posture
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Improved joint range of motion
  • Reduction in muscle tightness

Specialists in Biomechanical Assessments

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